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Moving to Spain


First of all, you need a NIE number (Número de identidad de Extranjeros), which is the so-called the foreigner’s personal identification number, which is required, for example, when opening a phone subscription or a bank account.


When you dream of moving to Spain, and whether you plan to buy or rent an apartment in Spain, you should start looking for an apartment in time. It should be noted that apartment rents are significantly higher in high season than in low season. In addition, long-term rental apartments may be better found during the low season. It is generally said that the best buying time of the year for an apartment is September-December, because many sellers who did not sell their apartment during the high season hope to sell it before Christmas and start the new year without the burden of an unsold apartment.


Regardless of whether you plan to live in a rented or owner-occupied apartment, you must do the so-called “registration as a resident” (Empadronamiento). In the case of a Finnish person who intends to stay in Spain for more than 90 days, he must register in the alien register and apply to become a resident, in which case the person will be issued a Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la UE, which is often called a “residency card”. This card enables a five-year stay in Spain.

After this, it is possible to apply for a long-term residence permit in Spain. The residence permit does not automatically become long-term, but you have to take care of the application yourself with the help of a lawyer or an agent.


When the Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la UE has been issued, it is possible to apply for a health care card in Spain (Tarjeta de Sanitaria), that card entitles you to local health care. Many Finns also obtain insurance from private health insurance providers, which may already be required when applying for a residence permit.

Above all, when you intend to move to Spain, you should order a European medical card from Kela in advance, which entitles you to receive medically necessary medical treatment when you travel or stay temporarily in another EU or Eta country or in Switzerland.


Moving to Spain and getting a “residence card” is not the same as transferring tax liability to Spain, but you should make a tax assessment of your own situation well in advance. As a general rule, you become liable for tax in Spain when you spend 183 days a year in Spain. This is also influenced by ties to Finland and the tax treaty between Finland and Spain. Entrepreneurs in particular should find out in advance the issues related to corporate and personal taxation even before the move to Spain is imminent.


When moving to Spain, you should confirm or update your insurance coverage abroad. It is generally recommended to take out insurance from a local operator, at least for an apartment or property.

Matters related to inheritance, such as drafting a will in Spain, are worthwhile for many reasons, read more about writing a Spanish will.

These posts are not legal advice and are meant only for informative purpose. Any legal advice requieres a case by case study first.

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