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What is a trademark?Trademarks protect ​distinctive signs​ that identify your products and differentiate your goods or services from other providers.Distinctive signs are amongst others:nameslogoscolorsimagespatternsshapespackagings of goodssoundsTrademarks usually give 10-year-long protection, which is starting from the date of the application. It may also be renewed 10 years at each time. The one who owns a trademark could profit from it either by permitting others to use it by a licensing agreement or selling it.What is the difference between a national trademark and a European trademark?A natural person or a legal person who only needs protection in one EU country, for example

Nationality is the legal bond that unites the person with the state and has the double aspect of being a fundamental right and constituting the legal status of individuals.The individual enjoys rights that he can demand from the state organization to which he belongs and the latter, in return, can impose the fulfillment of a series of obligations and duties.Nationality is a right that can be achieved and that allows you to reside and live indefinitely in Spain; while granting certain benefits, such as the right to vote or move freely and to work within the EU.The most common way

​NIE NUMBERFirst of all, you need a NIE number (Número de identidad de Extranjeros), which is the so-called the foreigner's personal identification number, which is required, for example, when opening a phone subscription or a bank account.BUYING OR RENTING AN APARTMENTWhen you dream of moving to Spain, and whether you plan to buy or rent an apartment in Spain, you should start looking for an apartment in time. It should be noted that apartment rents are significantly higher in high season than in low season. In addition, long-term rental apartments may be better found during the low season. It is

If you plan to rent your apartment, it is of course important that you choose a reliable tenant. In addition, it is important that the rental agreement itself is clear and without contradictions. Recently, there have been changes to the norms governing lease agreements, so it is particularly important to ensure that the agreement is drawn up in accordance with current legislation.There are different types of rental agreements and you have to choose the agreement carefully according to the type of rental relationship you are dealing with. For example, the legal provisions referred to in the rental agreement, where the